Define the Multi-programming System type of an Operating System?

Some one please explain Operating System type " Multi-programming System "?
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"This THE concurrent execution system was obviously a personal computer os designed by a squad guided simply by Edsger N. Dijkstra, defined throughout monographs within 1965-lxvi[i] and also released with 1968.[ii] Dijkstra never known as the device; ""THE"" is just the abbreviation connected with ""Technische Hogeschool Eindhoven"", then a title (inwards Dutch) on the Eindhoven College or university connected with Technological know-how in the Netherlands. The The machine ended up being primarily a batch method[a few] in which supported multitask; it was not made being a variable-person os. Rrt had been much like the SDS 940, however ""the particular pair of operations within the THE system has been stationary.""[iii] "
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"Concurrent execution is a method of working many different programs inside a laptop or computer apparently at the same time. Commonly using a C.P.U. - your computer carries a quantity of software programs besotted in to computer memory and the os turns swiftly bewteen barefoot and shoes, producing some every one successively. The particular high speed from the processor chip makes it look like several program is being run simultaneously."
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"Multiprogramming System : In this type of Operating System, more than one programmes will reside into main memory. The Operating System picks and begins to execute one of the jobs in the memory. Eventually, the job may have to wait for some task, the Operating System simply switches to and executes another job. When the first job finishes waiting and gets the CPU back. As long as there is always some job to execute, the CPU will never be idle. Source: http://in.docsity.com/en-docs/Fundamentals_of_Operating_Systems__Lecture_notes__Poonam_Sharma"
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