Define the Process Control System type of an Operating System?

Some one please explain Operating System type " Process Control System "?
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"A commonly used control device called a programmable logic controller, or a PLC, is used to read a set of digital and analog inputs, apply a set of logic statements, and generate a set of analog and digital outputs. Using the example in the previous paragraph, the room temperature would be an input to the PLC. The logical statements would compare the setpoint to the input temperature and determine whether more or less heating was necessary to keep the temperature constant. A PLC output would then either open or close the hot water valve, an incremental amount, depending on whether more or less hot water was needed. Larger more complex systems can be controlled by a Distributed Control System (DCS) or SCADA system. "
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"Process Control System : Process Controls are dedicated Systems. They are dedicated to single application. Thus there is no need to manage sharing among concurrent application programs.Source: http://in.docsity.com/en-docs/Fundamentals_of_Operating_Systems__Lecture_notes__Poonam_Sharma"
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