Define the term Selective attention in Consumer Behavior?

Provide something about the Consumer Behavior Selective Attention?
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"Selective attention: Of the many stimuli that people are exposed to, people are attracted to those stimuli that they consider to be relevant in terms of a match with their needs. They are attentive to those stimuli that match their needs and avoid those that are irrelevant. People are also selective about the message and the channel through which this information would be transmitted; we could relate this to the split-brain theory, the right side processing and the left side processing. Some prefer emotions in TV, others prefer logic and facts in print media. This phenomenon of being selective towards the input based on our needs and desires is called selective attention. For example, if a person intends buying a refrigerator in the coming 2-3 months, he would en very receptive to any input that comes his way and relates to refrigerators. Source:"
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"Interest would be the cognitive process of precisely paying attention to more than one aspects of the environment. Awareness has additionally been called the particular portion of digesting sources. "
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