Define the urgent and push features of TCP.

Give some information about TCP urgent and push?
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"Data stream push: Ordinarily, TCP decides when sufficient data have accumulated to form a segment for transmission. The TCP user can require TCP to transmit all outstanding data up to and including that labeled with a push flag. On the receiving end, TCP will deliver these data to the user in the same manner. A user might request this if it has come to a logical break in the data. Urgent data signaling: This provides a means of informing the destination TCP user that significant or ""urgent"" data is in the upcoming data stream. It is up to the destination user to determine appropriate action."
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Pushing the flag is employed for purposes that want real-time actions. Site visitors should not go mad buffers anticipating buffer to fill. Transmitter really should deliver bundle available immidiately and receiver should press up in order to obtaining software instantly. "
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