Describe the Situational involvement of a Consumer in the marketplace.

Please provide the particular topics of Consumer involvement as a Situational Environment?
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"Situational involvement: This is a state of arousal directed towards attaching relevance to a person/object/situation for a short term. As an affective state, it creates a level of involvement when a person thinks about a particular person/object/situation. It is specific to a situation and is thus temporary in nature. For example, a middle aged lady suddenly decides to gift a laptop to her son on his birthday. She is not techno savvy and has little interest with the product category. She goes to the electronics mall and visits the various stores that sell computers and laptops. She collects information on the product features, prices, etc and finally takes the help of her middle aged neighbor to reach a final decision. Her involvement with the purchase activity would be regarded as a situational involvement.Source:"
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There's two types of involution which consumers rich person employing products and services, Situational along with Very long-long lasting. Situational engagement because terminal advises, comes about basically within unique conditions in contrast to Unceasing proposal is certainly continual and is particularly to a greater extent permanent wave anyway.
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