Describe stop-and-wait flow control.

How can you explain stop-and-wait flow control?
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"This process is not able in the event the message transmitted is incredibly big.Proper care has to be delivered to divide the big structures into smaller kinds regarding sizing less than optimum buffer dimension. Scaled-down prevents provide this benefits - Fifty-one> Your extended the particular transmitting, the much more likely there will be a mistake, so necessitating retransmission from the complete framework. Along with smaller frames, mistakes are generally recognized earlier along with a smaller amount of information would have to be retransmitted. On the discussed channel which is usually desired to not let one particular place to help take up this method for farseeing and this causes hold up for the other impending areas."
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The simplest form of flow control is stop-and-wait and works as follows. A source entity transmits a frame. After reception, the destination entity indicates its willingness to accept another frame by sending back an acknowledgement to the frame just received. The source must wait until it receives the acknowledgement before sending the next frame. The destination can thus stop flow of data by just withholding the acknowledgement.
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