Can you describe System Software? Provide example with description.

Someone provide the definition of a System Software. Elaborate with example.
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"The System Software helps in controlling the internal processing of the computer, these software's provide a general programming environment in which programmers can write applications to suit their needs. Examples of System Software are - Operating Systems, Language Translators etc.Source:"
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"Software applications can be so named to distinguish that via hardware, which usually involves your physical interconnections in addition to gadgets required to retailer along with carry out (as well as tally) the program. At the smallest degree, executable signal is made up of machine language guidance particular a great person processor chip. A unit dialect contains teams of double star valuations signifying cpu instructions which change the condition from the computer from its previous point out. Applications are usually an ordered sequence regarding directions for adjusting the condition of the computer in the finical string. It will always be designed in substantial-degree encoding different languages which are less complicated and even more effective for mankind to use (closer to natural language) when compared with machine language. Excessive-levels languages are gathered or construed in machine language thing rule. Software program can also be written in a good assembly dialect, fundamentally, A mnemotechnical mental representation of any computer language utilizing a tongue first rudiment. Putting your unit together speech should be constructed in object computer code by means of a good assembly program. "
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