"Can you please determine the major reasons after which Two-Step Theory came to be regarded as inadequate and inaccurate on account ?"

Hey guys. I am preparing for my mid-term examination. Can you help me on the reasons which changed the nature of Two-step theory?
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"With passage of time, the Two-Step Theory came to be regarded as inadequate and inaccurate on account of the following reasons: - Opinion leaders are not generic in nature. They are specific to a product category and vary from product to product. An expert in one product category would not be an expert for another product category. - Opinion leaders are also not a permanent elite. - Different social groups have their own opinion leaders. - As per the theory, information flow is one-way from the opinion leader to opinion receivers (or the masses). In reality, information does not flow one way; both parties exchange information. Also, communication need not always be forward one-way, initiated by the opinion leader. It could also be initiated by the masses (someone from the “opinion receiver”) who ask (seek) the “leader” for information and advice. - Opinion leaders are not the only source of information for a consumer. The mass media influences both the opinion leaders as well as the consumers. - Lastly, but importantly, marketers do not only and/or always communicate with consumers via an opinion leader. Marketers also communicate directly with consumers through the various tools of the promotion mix. In fact the integrated marketing communication programme calls for a perfect blend of the various tools. Consumers are always exposed to other means of communication and do not solely rely on opinion leaders. Thus, gradually it was realized that the Two-Step Flow of Communication Theory does not provide a very apt and accurate explanation about the manner in which consumers acquire information and use it in their decision making. Source: http://in.docsity.com/en-docs/Opinion_Leadership_-_Consumer_Behavior_-_Solved_Quiz_"
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