Determine something about Early majority category of “Adopter categories”?

Can you provide the “Adopter categories” known as Early majority?
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"Early majority: The early majority is similar to the early adopter in the sense that they buy the product/service offering because they possess a need and want to fulfill it; however, they are not as quick as the early adopters and take longer to enter into purchase. This is because unlike the earlier two categories, the early majority does not have much interest in the product/service category. Thus, the consumers that fall into this category have to collect information, evaluate it, deliberate carefully and then take a decision; thus, the process takes longer. The early majority make up the next 34 percent of the adopters. Source:"
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The position into which in turn adopters of just about any great item tumble as reported by the actual enthusiasm plus pace that you adapt to something totally new; adopter is unremarkably outlined mainly because innovators, ahead of time adopters, previous bulk, overdue bulk besides laggards.
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