Determine the Data administration subsystem of a Database?

Can you provide the details of a database "Data administration subsystem" component?
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"Your data classification subsystem assists you generate and keep the information book in addition to outline the particular structure from the information within the repository. When building the database, we have to first employ this to build the info lexicon and outline this framework of the information. The data manipulation subsystem makes it possible to add together, transform, in addition to erase details inside a data source as well as dilemma the idea regarding beneficial selective information. It tools through this subsystem tend to be the primary program anyone along with the details inside the database"
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"The appliance creation subsystem consists of amenities to assist you to acquire purchase-rigorous apps. Most of these apps unremarkably require you perform a comprehensive series of chores to method any financial transaction. "
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"Data administration subsystem helps users manage the overall database environment by providing facilities for backup and recovery, security management, query optimization, concurrency control, and change management. Source: http://in.docsity.com/en-docs/Database_Management_System-Introduction_to_Computing-Handout_"
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