Determine the Data definition subsystem component of a Database?

Please explain the Data definition subsystem of a Database?
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"Together with applying global parameters to database data, international internet directories also store first boundaries employed by the actual MUPIP Build get when designing completely new data source data. GT.M employs environs specifics to get the world directory site as well as, optionally data source data files. "
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"Your GT.Thousand data source subsystem includes a run-time period library and also a group of resources which often run using several consumer-specified Planetary Web directories (GD) as well as databases information. GT.Meters retailers Thousand world wide variables inside data source data files, which can be regular UNIX data files. Internally, this UNIX data files are generally organised equally healthy timber (N-timber) throughout GT.Meters Information Buildings (GDS). Observe ""GT.Thousand Data bank Framework"" phase for additional info on Barn-bushes along with the GDS data file structure. "
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"Data definition subsystem helps the user create and maintain the data dictionary and define the structure of the files in a database. Source:"
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