Determine the definition of upamāna as a Indian Philosophy topic.

I'm preparing for my exam of Indian Philosophy subject. Please Define upamāna.
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"According to Nyāya philosophy, Upamāna is a pramāna. It is derived from two words; Upa (similarity) and māna (cognition). In upamāna, the knowledge is obtained by comparing the similarity between two things. It is the source of our knowledge about the relation between a word and its denotation. Source:"
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In the tarkasaṅgraha, the segment upon Upamāna as soon as study without worrying about big appleāyou sutra bhāṣhuh might seem knotty when you're getting started. Much of this difficultness comes up with converting upamana equally comparison instead of compression as well as alikeness along with comprehending that using the factor components that comprise this is.
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