Elaborate the description of Posttraumatic stress disorder.?

I do not have time to google it. Can some one provide a quick solution.


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dilber 21-02-2013
dilber - Amity Business School
    PTSD (Ptsd) may be a grave panic or anxiety which will produce just after connection with just about any import which results in mental psychic trauma. This specific introduction whitethorn retain the terror linked with decease so as to 1 do it yourself as well as to an additional single, together with on your individual in addition to another person's existent, intimate, as well as internal ethics
dilawar 22-02-2013
dilawar - Aligarh Muslim University
Diagnostic signs pertaining to Post traumatic stress disorder include lso are-extraordinary first shock(S) via flashbacks as well as bad dreams, avoidance regarding toys for this stress, along with improved rousing—including difficultness slipping or even being asleep, anger, and hypervigilance.
margoth 23-02-2013
margoth - Duke University
"- Enduring, distressing emotional disorder that follows exposure to a severe helplessness or fear-inducing threat -Y - PTSD - It is characterized by reexperiencing the trauma, avoiding stimuli associated with it, increased vigilance and arousal, sometimes suicidal thoughts and attempts, and sometimes memory impairments - Acute PTSD (1-3 months after event) or chronic PTSD (more than 3 months) - Combat and sexual assault are the most common traumas - Treatments – catharsis, gradual imaginal exposure, possibly antidepressants Source: http://in.docsity.com/en-docs/Anxiety_Disorders_-_Abnormal_Psychology_-_Lecture_Slides_"

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