Why did people start going to see a dentist every year or even 2 x per year after WW1 or WW2?

"folks didn't perhaps wash their particular the teeth truly significantly just before WW2 or a single? exactly why currently apparently you should proceed and see A dentist professionist to get a check up as well as clean-up? what individuals examine or maybe notice that will built them into try this? the way? the way ranges involving Britain in addition to States? or perhaps think about with Philippines or Russian federation or England? (each goes to discover your dental practice as well every year?)"
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"That had a lot to do with the creation advanced is dental care. Tooth pastes and powders, using baking soda, had been about for some time. However, modern anasphetics were not available until laughing gas became more widely used. This allowed people to be put under while their teeth were worked on. This also allowed for more care than just extraction. 19thC dentists tended towards extraction. In addition to this, the creation of the NHS after had a marked effect on dental care, since if it was free, people would used the service. People did brush their teeth. But as stated, it was the ability to do painless fillings etc. that was the holy grail of dentists. Once anasphetics became more widely available, funnily enough, dentists became a little more popular."
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