Did the entire human race derived from Africa?

I've examine which experts believe that your fantastic forebears were all from Africa. If this adds up, this party favors your contradiction which the Garden involving Eden has been positioned in European The african continent besides.
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Scientists can only give you very educated guesses. Scientific theory, and principle as well, is constantly being rewritten (look up spontaneous generation theory). Archaeological evidence does suggest that the human race rose up in the north-east africa/middle east area. Definitive proof is impossible though due to the minuscule amounts of human remains found (fossils and preserved remains require many prerequisites to form/preserve, and thus our current samples give an inaccurate picture). The Bible does not give a truly definitive answer to where the garden of Eden was. Many theories abound as to it's location, but still no definite answer is there. Hope this helps!
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"Equally your environment as well as your genetics influence anybody you become. "
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