Did the river Saraswati once exist?

Hello there everyone! My trainer requested this particular problem through the lecturing and i also feel curious to learn.
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The Sarasvati River (Sanskrit: सरस्वती नदी sárasvatī nadī) is one of the chief Rigvedic rivers mentioned in ancient Sanskrit texts. The Nadistuti hymn in the Rigveda mentions the Sarasvati between the Yamuna in the east and the Sutlej in the west, and later Vedic texts like Tandya and Jaiminiya Brahmanas as well as the Mahabharata mention that the Sarasvati dried up in a desert.
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The Sarasvati is lauded extravagantly within the Rigveda as being the on top of that this estuaries and rivers: elizabeth.G. within Caravan two.forty one.of sixteen she is termed ámbitame andánītame névitame ersusárasvati, "greatest mother, better lake, very best goddess".
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