Did the Soviet Union have a weapons shortage during WWII?

What exactly tools ended up given by north america? You need to checklist your current seed when you can!
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There were shortages of some weapons and supplies, especially at the start, in 1941. In his memoirs, Khruschev wrote that "the czar had more rifles than we did..." Generally, though, stalinist industrialization had made the soviet forces FAR better equipped than any previous russian military. They vastly outnumbered the Germans in tanks, artillery and had many more troops. That said, the US did send substantial amounts of aid. Among the weapons sent were Sherman tanks and Airocobra aircraft. The most important American aid, however, was probably motor transport, or trucks. That was one area in which the soviets did not produce most of their own.
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Indeed. The particular convoys taking arms and also products to be able to Murmansk via Canada have been famous for his or her large number of vessels ruined.
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