Did the war end when Hitler died or when Japan surrendered?

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"The death of Hitler had only a minor impact upon the end of World War II. By the time he committed suicide, he was only a figurehead leader of a country that was in ruins. The European portion of World War II ended when the German Army surrendered, Germany having been overrun by Allied troops. That was in early May of 1945. The Asian portion of World War II ended three months later when the Japanese Empire surrendered to the Allies, which came after the US dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, causing the Japanese Emperor to order his generals to surrender. With that surrender, which occurred in early August 1945, the Second World War was formally over."
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"Second world war is definitely split up into a couple principal halves, the particular Conflict in The european countries along with the Warfare within the Pacific cycles. Those two halves could be farther diveded directly into areas for example the Upper African House, Western european Movie, Pacific cycles Theatre, and the China Burma The indian subcontinent Theater while using key Axis vertebra aids involved in every movie theater determining which usually 50 % of which theatre is owned by. The actual Warfare within European union complete while Indonesia surrendered, not really while Hitler past away (Hitler past away 04 40, 1945 merely Germany did not give up till Might 8th), as well as the State of war in the Hawaiian concluded any time Okazaki , japan surrendered. All round the particular warfare ended together with Japan's giving up."
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