What are the links and differeces between child labor in the industriel revolution and child labor now?

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"While some of us in one part of the world see the Industrial Revolution as in the past, there are other parts of the world where industrialization is still occurring. Thus Child Labour being used in Third World countries, for example, today is the same thing. Because people in other parts of the world have child labour laws in place, factories and other work environments exploiting children find they have to hide the practice as best as possible."
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"Little one manual work occurs while kids get paid to try and do perform. Whilst they have got usually was required to operate in a way, little one labor slowly became an issue whenever kids began to be employed in production facilities in addition to mines inwards Great britain in the Business Emerging trend in the 1700s . Most of them have been extremely fresh. Manufacturing area masters forced them to do the job extended hours plus they received hardly any income for perform. Doing the job problems had been real bad. Plant life had been contaminating along with the fresh air had been terrible. Inwards mines kids had to crawling by way of channels that had been not really wide sufficient intended for grownups . The majority of youngsters worked well to help their families make it through . Throughout the 1800s the specific situation of children did start to increase . Most of them had the ability to head to university as well as direct an even better life. In his story “Oliver Distort” the actual famous British author, Charles Deuce, exhibited exactly how manufacturing plant operate had been laying waste your day-to-day lives of kids within The uk."
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