"What’s the difference between aptitude and achievement tests, and how can we develop and evaluate them?"

"i want to understand the basic ideology behind the difference between aptitude and achievement tests and also explain their development and evaluation."
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"Aptitude tests are designed to predict what you can learn. Achievement tests are designed to assess what you have learned. The WAIS (Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale), an aptitude test, is the most widely used intelligence test for adults. Such tests must be standardized, by giving the test to a representative sample of future test-takers to establish a basis for meaningful score comparisons. The distribution of test scores often form a normal, bell-shaped curve. Tests must also be reliable, by yielding consistent scores (on two halves of the test, or when people are retested). And they must be valid. A valid test measures or predicts what it is supposed to. Content validity is the extent to which a test samples the pertinent behavior (as a driving test measures driving ability). Predictive validity is the extent to which the test predicts a behavior it is designed to predict (aptitude tests have predictive ability if they can predict future achievements)."
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Tests is often a reality involving life regarding educational facilities right now. As a parent or guardian, you may wonder about different sorts of assessments your kid will take.
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