What is the difference between the traffic class and flow label fields in the IPv6 header?

How does traffic class and flow label fields in the IPv6 header differ from each other?
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"Traffic Class (8 bits): Available for use by originating nodes and/or forwarding routers to identify and distinguish between different classes or priorities of IPv6 packets. The first six bits of the traffic class field are referred to as the DS (differentiated services) field, discussed in Chapter 19. The remaining 2 bits are reserved for an ECN (explicit congestion notification) field, currently in the process of standardization. Flow Label (20 bits): May be used by a host to label those packets for which it is requesting special handling by routers within a network. All packets that are to be part of the same flow are assigned the same flow label by the source."
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"However, they not merely must confirm the IP bed details like deal with on the sender as well as the getaway, but also must read the port figure that's an info in which is assigned to a higher bed. Flow Recording label industry attempts to build every one of these necessary information and supply these in the IP coating. Even so, essentials regarding how to put it to use continues to be inconclusive. "
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