Can some one provide the differences between the Concentrated Marketing (Niche) and Individual marketing?

Can some one help me in differentiating Concentrated Marketing (Niche) and Individual marketing?
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"Concentrated Marketing (Niche) - The marketer caters to just one segment although the product could appeal to others. - The process includes targeting a small segment with a specialized mix meant only for that segment. - Also called focused or niche marketing. - Example: Sports channels on TV; Religious channels on TV. Individual marketing - The marketers caters to the customer individual land personalize the marketing mix. - The segment comprises one individual; So it is individual to individual marketing. - Also called customization. - Example: Holiday packages. Source:"
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Single promoting pertains to tailoring solutions in addition to advertising and marketing applications for the needs and inclinations associated with individual buyers. In this online strategy, merchandise is tailored to match each individual.
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