Provide the differences between the Product specialization and Market specialization of a Consumer Behavior?

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"Product specialization -The marketer deal with varying products in the same product line; it adapts the product to sell to several different market segments. Example: Gillette Advantages: i) When the marketer caters to different segments, with a single product or varying forms of the same product, he can develop specialization and reputation in that product line. Disadvantages: ii) If the product matures or dies, the marketer would cease to exist. Market specialization. - The marketer deals with one specific market only; he tries to meet many needs of particular customer group. Example: The various Ordinance Factories in India exist to cater to meet the various needs of the Defense forces only. Advantages: i) In case of a monopolistic situation, the marketer has lot of potential to grow; he would exist to serve the need and wants of the segment. ii) The focus is on catering the needs of a particular market segment only; so the marketer becomes customer focused totally. Disadvantages: i) If the segment weakens, the marketer is finished. Source:"
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