"What are the different criteria for measuring the Performance of Scheduling Mechanism?"

"Can some one provide the measuring method that is used to measure Scheduling Mechanism performance?"
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"Customarily, productive rating equipment including Pink in addition to Traceroute were utilized to view round-trip waiting as well as net way topographic anatomy through the use of ICMP packets. Just lately, productive measuring equipment such as L.323 Radio beacon [a single], Multicast Lighthouse [a couple of] in addition to BGP Lighthouse [three or more] are actually designed in which emulate diligence-specifid traffichemical and use the ending measurement from the copied traffih to estimate net well being in the application perspective. Equipment including Pathchar [4] and Pathrate [5] have also been created to ascertain usable bandwith as well as data transfer ability severally throughout circle pathways utilizing innovative supply inquisitory approaches. Many of the previously lively description methods and other resources such as OWAMP [vi], Iperf [seven] and also ABwE [8] are built-into NMIs [9] [10] [11] [12] utilized by ISPs and experts to frequently execute energetic size from a number of way of measuring servers found at proper details both in academic and professional communities."
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"Internet traffic characteristics on an ongoing basis so as to understand the interactions and performance issues of various Internet protocols. NMIs support active measurement data collection, which requires injecting test packets between the various network paths being monitored. The active measurement data obtained provide network related information such as: topology, available or bottleneck bandwidth, packet one-way delay, round-trip delay, loss, jitter and reordering, which can be analyzed to report levels of end-to-end network performance and to identify"
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"Performance Criteria for Scheduling Mechanism : The various criteria for measuring the Scheduler Performance are : (i) CPU Utilization (ii) Throughput (iii) Turnaround Time (iv) Waiting Time (v) Response Time Source:"
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