"What are the different investment alternatives provided by different financial markets?"

Hey guys! One more question stuck, anyone?
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"Marketable and Non-Marketable Assets: • Marketable: Investor can manage and control, Less Liquid in Nature: All the Market Traded Securities • Non-Marketable: No management but has Right, Highly Liquid: Bank Deposits, Post office Deposits, NSC etc. Direct Vs. Indirect Investments: • Direct Investment: Investor—(owns)---Portfolio--- (Dividend and Interest)--- Income and Capital gain • Indirect Investments: Investor—(owns)---Investment Company’s Fund--- (Dividend and Interest)---Income and Capital gain Classification of Financial Markets: • Nature of Claims: Debt Market, Equity Market • Maturity of Claims: Money Market, Capital Market • Seasoning of Claims: Primary Market, Secondary Market • Timing of Delivery: Cash or Spot Market, Forward or Futures Market • Organizational Structure: Exchange Traded Market, Over the Counter Market. Source:"
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