Please differentiate between marketing communication and interpersonal communication.

I don't know the solution. Help needed. Provide the major difference points between the Marketing and Interpersonal Communication.
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"As consumers, we are exposed to two kinds of communication, viz., marketing communication and interpersonal communication. Any form of communication that takes place between the marketer and the consumer, is referred to as marketing communication. The process is initiated by the marketer who through a communication program informs the public about his product/service offering, creates a favorable attitude and elicits action on the part of the consumers. The marketers effort takes place through the communication mix or the promotion mix, be it advertising, sales promotion, publicity and public relations, personal selling and direct marketing. There is another kind of communication that takes place between consumers themselves; it operates inter-personally with family, friends, peers and colleagues, strangers and opinion leaders etc., who discuss about product and service offerings, brands, prices, stores etc. This is referred to as informal interpersonal communication. This is also called word-of-mouth (WOM) communication. Informal interpersonal communication is different from marketing communication in the sense that interpersonal communication takes place between individual consumers while marketing communication takes place between marketers and consumers. Source:"
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