"IP, TCP, and UDP all discard a packet that arrives with a checksum error and do not attempt to notify the source.Why?"

What is the reason that IP, TCP and UDP discard the checksum error packet?
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"TFTP can transfer a maximum of 512 bytes per round trip (data sent, ACK received). The maximum throughput is therefore 512 bytes divided by the roundtrip time. Source: [STEV94]."
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The net project room may be the list of sales and marketing communications methods employed for the online world and other alike communities, and generally the most popular project bunch with regard to large expanse systems. It is commonly known as TCP/IP, for the most important protocols: Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) as well as Cyberspace Project (Internet protocol), which are the initial networking protocols explained in this stock. It truly is on occasion known as the DoD design due to the foundational determine on the ARPANET within the 70s (run through DARPA, an agency on the United States Team associated with Protection).
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