Discuss with examples, factors affecting perceptual Selectivity.

Hi Everyone! I wouldn't be bothering but this seems far above my caliber. What are the different factor you think effects the perceptual Selectivity?
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"Human beings are simultaneously exposed to various stimuli in his/her environment. Due to the fact, that the various stimuli cannot be treated or processed at the same time, people become selective in their approach. They would choose some stimuli for further processing. The choice of the stimuli would depend on what they feel is relevant for them and or appropriate for them. This is referred to as perceptual selectivity. 1. External and related to the stimuli 2.Internal and related to the perceiver. Source:"
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"Just how a in which a someone as well as a person perceives along with understands the earth. To put it differently, understanding is usually to identify an exceptional rendition of the position, certainly not the precise creating of computer. Acceptance of the distinction between this perceptual along with real life along with real-world is important to the comprehension of business behaviour. Indeed, we must understand that there's a distinction between real in addition to perceptual globe. Every person feels the globe in their have method and also understanding. Along with from time to time while our own sensing differs on the real world celebrate troubles and misunderstandings. For example, many professionals think along with understand of which the subordinates generally desire promotions, whenever, in point of fact, several staff or subordinates feel uncomfortable along with compelled with the offers. So, the actual perceptual an entire world of professionals is normally really different from that relating to subordinates yet both equally can be pretty different from the real world. "
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