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Hi Everyone! I wouldn't be bothering but this seems far above my caliber. Can some one provide details descriptions of some market communication techniques?
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"Marketing communication is defined as transmission of information from the marketer to the consumer through a media. The basic objective behind marketing communication is to inform a consumer (or a prospect) and to make him aware about the product/service offering, and the mix, build a favorable attitude towards the offering, and to encourage a purchase. Let us elaborate on the communication process, and more specifically on marketing or consumer communication. i) Sender: The communication process is initiated by the sender, who is also referred to as the message initiator or the source. In the context of marketing management and consumer behavior, the sender may be formal or informal. Media: The medium is the channel that exists between the sender (marketer) and the receiver (consumer). It is through this communication channel that the message is transmitted from the marketer to the consumer. This channel could be i) interpersonal; ii) impersonal.Receiver: The message is received by the receiver or the target audience, who decodes the message. In our context, the consumers comprise the receiver. While the message is actually meant for the current and prospective consumers (the target audience), there are other elements who also get exposed to the message, although the message is not meant for them. Such people are comprise the “intermediary”, and the “unintended” audiences. iv) Feedback: Feedback is an important component in the communication process. It is the receiver’s response to the sender, i.e. the consumer’s response to the marketer’s message. It is important that the marketer obtains feedback as quickly as possible. It is the acid test to determine whether the communication has been effective or not, as it is through this feedback, that the marketer gets to know whether the message has been correctly interpreted by the consumer. It helps the marketer to add/delete/modify his message so that the message is better understood. The customer can address issues of concern and seek clarifications from the marketer. Source:"
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"Sales and marketing communications (or maybe MarCom or perhaps Included Marketing Communications) are messages as well as related to mass media used to speak with a place. Marketing communications would be the ""forwarding"" area of the ""Marketing and advertising Combine"" and the ""several Ps"": price, area, marketing and advertising, and also merchandise. "
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