Discuss the basic elements of learning?

Can some one briefly explain the elements of a Consumer Learning?
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"a) Motivation: Consumer motives lie at the very heart of consumer behavior. When a consumer is faced with a need/want situation, there occurs an urge within him to act towards fulfillment of the need/want through the problem solving/decision making process. So he is motivated to search for information, either internally from his memory or externally through commercial, non commercial and public sources or through experience of self and others. This desire to search for knowledge and information about the product/service gets intensified with the degree of relevance or involvement. The marketer can play an important role by (i) identifying or helping the consumer identify the sub-conscious and hidden motives; (ii) triggering off motives and desires. In both these ways, the consumer would be motivated to search for information, in so far as that product/service would help satisfy the need/want. b) Cues: A cue may be defined as a weak stimulus that gives strength and direction to the motives; All the 4Ps could act as cues and give direction to motives; eg. the packaging of the product (colorful design; easy to carry; reusable containers), price (discounts, sales), place (store display, store layout, window dressing) and promotion (advertisement). c) Response: The behavior of a person constitutes the response; i.e. how a person reacts to a drive or a stimulus, reflects a response. This response could take various forms: - It may be overt and lead to an action; the consumer may decide to purchase the product/brand. Or, - The response may just be learning for the future, i.e. the purchase is postponed for Docsity.com future; he decides to buy at a later date. Or, - A favorable image about the product and the brand may get created; the consumer develops an intention to buy; As and when the consumer decides to make the purchase, he would consider that brand. d) Reinforcement: An action always has a reaction; based on the reaction, the behavior gets reinforced. In other words, if the action (behavior) is followed by a reaction that is positive or pleasant or rewarding, the action (behavior) gets positively reinforced; the likelihood of repetition of that action (behavior) increases. Source: http://in.docsity.com/en-docs/Consumer_Needs_and_Involvment_-_Consumer_Behavior_-_Solved_Quiz_"
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" Optimistic interdependence will be effectively set up any time collection people perceive they are related to 1 another in a fashion that just one cannot realize success unless of course anyone works. Party desired goals along with responsibilities, therefore, need to be designed along with conveyed in order to pupils with techniques that produce these people consider many people kitchen sink or maybe go swimming together. As soon as plus interdependence can be well organized, the item illustrates which (the) each grouping member's work is expected as well as vital pertaining to party accomplishment as well as (m) just about every class participant carries a alone(p) side of the bargain to create towards the marijuana cigarette attempt on account of his or her sources along with/or perhaps purpose in addition to chore tasks. Accomplishing this results in dedication towards achievement regarding team customers along with one's personal and is particularly the center connected with accommodating learning. When there is absolutely no positive interdependency, there isn't a cohesiveness. The eight ways that good interdependency is usually structured are listed below: Purpose interdependency-The particular collection includes a usual aim each member of the team is anticipated to obtain the item. Incentive interdependency-All people gets the same reward yet only if each person in the team is successful. Source mutuality-Resources, details, and product are usually confined in order that college students are usually obliged to figure jointly and also get close to with giving usable assets. String interdependency-The undertaking will be separated into A routine involving subtasks. Single team customers execute their own tasks within any established buy. Position interdependence-Every team penis is actually allocated a job along with distinct tasks. Each and every purpose contributes to along with supports the task's conclusion. Personality mutuality-This team secures a new mutual individuality through a brand, flagstone, logo, or perhaps symbol. It may become increased with a group track or perhaps cheer. Exterior force out mutuality-The particular group, in its entirety, competes in opposition to different groupings. Pretense interdependency-This group associates imagine that there're in times or position wherever they should join forces to achieve success. The environmental mutuality-The actual grouping people communicate in a chosen real area, for example a a part of this classroom"
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