Discuss the Family Life Cycle?

I'm preparing for an exam, can anyone please explain to me this answer.
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"The family life cycle has been defined as a series of stages through which most families’ progress, with varying characteristics across varies stages; these characteristics relate to marital status, size of the family, the age profile of the family members (focusing on the age of the oldest and/or youngest child), the employment status of the head of household, the income level and the disposable income at hand. The amount of disposable income is usually inferred from the stage in the family life cycle. While the tradition FLC has undergone change and newer forms have appeared, the concept still draws attention from consumer researchers and practitioners. Researchers have studied the consumption behavior across the various stages of the family life cycle. They have attempted to study the various peculiarities, tried to relate these to the stages in the FLC, and drawn generalizations. Source:"
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