Discuss the Involvement theory?

Hi all, need help!!!!!! Can some one provide the details of Involvement theory of Consumer Behavior?
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"Based on the cognitive theory, the involvement theory stems out from the body of research referred to as the split-brain theory or hemispherical lateralization. According to the split-brain theory, the human brain can be divided into the right and left hemispheres, each of which “specializes” with different kinds of information. The right side is emotional, intuitive, metaphoric and impulsive; it concerns itself more with non-cognitive, non-verbal, pictorial (images, colors) and audio-visual information; it deals more with situations of low-involvement and passive learning, where lesser information evaluation is required. The right brain processing falls in line with classical conditioning, and the person learns via repetition, eg. an advertisement being repeated on TV. The left side of the brain is rational, logical and realistic; it concerns itself with cognitive information in form of alphabets, letters and words in print; it deals with cognitive activities like reading, speaking and writing; it concerns itself more with situations of high-involvement and active learning, where more of cognition is required. The left brain processing is very cognitive, and learning is via the print media. Source:"
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"Consumer engagement Possibility - CIT - is an excellent method to recognise your psychology as well as behavior of your respective audience. You'll find people, which include consumer study, but none of them quite a therefore speedy, easy and topical. "
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