Discuss the nature and characteristics of Consumer Learning.

How do you inherit the word of Consumer Learning with details.
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"Consumer learning can be better explained by understanding the nature and characteristics of learning: a) Learning involves a change in behavior; in terms of consumer learning, it implies that a consumer, who is exposed to the marketing stimuli, may react to it through its purchase and consumption; if his experience is satisfying, he would repeat the purchase behavior in favor of the brand. In case he is not satisfied, he would switch over to another brand. Thus leaning involves a change in behavior. b) The change in behavior is relatively permanent. Learning also leads to development of attitudes. Until and unless an attempt is made to change this behavior, it continues. c) The change in behavior occurs because of experience, there has to be some kind of an experience for learning to occur. This experience could be direct (self-experience) or indirect (experiences of others, and word of mouth). d) Learning must be reinforced to have an impact; if learning as a process is not reinforced, the behavior would disappear. This reinforcement could be positive or negative. e) Learning also leads to development of attitudes. f) Apart from experiences, consumer learning also reflects the impact of (i) marketing (commercial) and non-marketing communication (interpersonal/non-commercial), as well as (ii) background characteristics. g) Learning is a cognitive process and can only be inferred through our actions and behavior. Learning includes exposure to information, its processing and storage; this entire process cannot be observed directly, and is only reflected in our behavior. h) Learning is a continuous process. A person is exposed to information/ knowledge and/experiences all the time; he interprets these, learns from them and stores these in his memory for retrieval. This addition of knowledge to the memory bank may alter/modify existing information (this entire bank is called the Associative Network). The upgraded information provides a basis for future behavior. i) Consumer learning as a continual process where knowledge is ever evolving as a result of marketing stimuli; discussion with family, friends, peers, colleagues, blogs and public forums; and, direct experiences (self) and indirect experiences (Word-of-Mouth). j) Learning may be specific/intentional, ongoing and incidental.Source:"
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ustomer Being familiar with is the procedure in which persons acquire the grow and as well use experience and knowledge these people impact future related to conduct.
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