Discuss the nature of forces that operate in Motivation.

Please provide some information about the major forces that result in increasing/decreasing Motivation of a person?
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"Needs are primarily of two types, viz., physiological needs and psychological needs. People possess and experience a variety of such needs simultaneously. -Needs and wants exhibit multiplicity. Various kinds of physiological and psychological needs have been proposed and listed; while physiological needs are few and universal, psychological needs are many and varied. -A person may experience many needs and wants simultaneously and one may be sacrificed at the cost of the other. -Needs/wants/goals/motives vary from person to person. They also vary within a person across situation to situation. -Needs/wants are never fully satisfied. Wants are satisfied temporarily but needs are never satisfied. They keep on emerging. As one need is satisfied, another emerges and so forth, and as they emerge, they trigger off desire and motives. -Needs/wants/goals/motives grow, develop and change in response to an individual and his environment. -Needs and wants may also lie dormant. They may suddenly trigger owing to physiological factors, social factors, and/or external environmental factors. -Success and failure to fulfill needs and wants also affect the future choice of goals. Source: http://in.docsity.com/en-docs/Consumer_Needs_and_Involvment_-_Consumer_Behavior_-_Solved_Quiz_"
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"Anyone that's considering comprehending, couples, or perhaps influencing single habits need to start with a simple comprehension of homo drive. Why should men and women behave as they actually do? That doubt possesses concerned behavioural and also social experts, together with everyday people for hundreds of years. Formerly, many of us talked about attribution idea. This specific idea has been built to clarify how persons make an effort to make clear your motive connected with other folks. This mere existence of ascription possibility will be testimonial to the fact that consumers are consistently considering your factors at the rear of his or her behavior and habits of other people. Even as observe a number of our own acquaintances doing the job quite hard and some of which functioning barely by any means, all of us wonder what exactly urges most of these tough individuals or maybe the reason why individuals displaying minimum amount overall performance are certainly not because determined as being the difficult staff? There are a variety involving concerns, or fights, that contain partioned both motivational college students every time psychiatrists for quite some time. "
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