Do current sources replace or add to the existing current?

Declare there is certainly only two Built-in amplifiers, and you get to a present way to obtain three Some sort of. Will be the present now only two+three or more , or just iii?
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"Depends on how it is connected and on the rest of the circuit. Could be 5, could be 3, could be 2. Could be zero as you pop fuses. For example, if you have a voltage source delivering 2 amps to a fixed load, and you add a 3 amp current source, you will just pump current INTO the voltage source, if it can handle that. If it can't (true for most) the voltage will raise, as will the current into the load. If the load is linear, the voltage will go up to 1.5 times what it was, and the current to 3 amps. In the above example, if the voltage source can handle current into it, then the current into the load stays at 2 amps."
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Adding more resistance to a circuit will alter the circuit pathway(s) and that change will force a change in voltage, current or both. Adding resistance will affect circuit voltage and current differently depending on whether that resistance is added in series or parallel.
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