Do you believe our current news sources?

If you do why? If you don't then do you think that each are different perceptions that the government uses to control the environment through whatever info is given?
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Half of what you read is a lie and the other half isn't the truth
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zero, immediately after only 1 too many rich person by chance found Allium cepa experiences and also went these as legitimate it can be difficult for me to assume that they can adequately simple fact check anything. another thing of which bothers me personally is because they have become alarmist along with become a community decide as well as jury. it once was which and soon you were found guilty of against the law you are deemed simple. so if these people think they are able to produce a funny remark out of it, they cook individuals directly into things regarding amusement. not any actual literature required for in which, simply a 50 percent good curiosity.
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