Do you know the different types of cyclical indicators?

i want to understand the basic ideology behind the cyclical indicators types?
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"Cyclical indicators are classified as below: I. Leading Indicators: Economic series that usually reach peaks or troughs before corresponding peaks or troughs in aggregate economy activity. A list of leading indicators is given as below: · Average weekly hours, manufacturing · Average weekly initial claims for unemployment insurance · Manufacturers’ new orders, consumer goods and materials · Vendor performance, slower deliveries diffusion index · Manufacturers’ new orders, nondefense capital goods · Building permits, new private housing units · Stock prices, 500 common stocks · Money supply, M2 · Interest rate spread, 10-year Treasury bonds less Federal funds (%) · Index of consumer expectations II. Coincidence Indicator: Economic series that have peaks and troughs that roughly coincide with the peaks and troughs in the business cycle. A list of coincidence indicators is given below: · Employees on nonagricultural payrolls · Personal income less transfer payments · Index of industrial production · Manufacturing and trade sales III. Lagging Indicator: Economic series that experience their peaks and troughs after those of the aggregate economy. A list of lagging indicators is given as below: · Average duration of unemployment · Inventories to sales ratio, manufacturing and trade · Change in labor cost per unit of output, manufacturing (%) · Average prime rate charged by banks (%) · Commercial and industrial loans outstanding · Consumer installment credit outstanding to personal income ratio · Change in consumer price index for services (%). Source:"
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