How does a WWI soldier differ from a Civil War soldier? What are some of their similarities?

It is a lot more my own AP You background
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if you mean the american civil war 1860 to 65. and the great war or ww1 1914 1918soldiers differed greatly. many more people died in the first ww. weapons in the civil war were much more primitive cavalry was still widely used in the civil war.1914 saw the end extinction of the cavalrt from the modern battlefield. a typical civil war soldier carried a musket. a american dough boy in 1918 carried a bolt action rifle. its like comparing a ww2 gi to a gulf war 2 american soldier. and the diffrence in artillary gas weapons mines airplanes. a ww 1soldier faced death from above and below and inbetween. the only good thing in ww1 for the common us soldier was if he was injured due to advances in medicine he had a better chance of survuval if evacuated from the battlefield in time.
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Most Municipal Conflict Guns ended up Muzzleloader single changeable rifles. Several Troops carried area arms (Weapons).
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