"Does what we think affect what we do, or does what we do affect what we think?"

"Is there any one who could tell me about the ways we think affect what we do, or does what we do affect what we think, there is a confusion can anyone understand that , please reply."
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"Attitudes influence behavior when other influences are minimal, and when the attitude is stable, specific to the behavior, and easily recalled. Studies of the foot-in-the-door phenomenon and of role-playing reveal that our actions (especially those we feel responsible for) can also modify our attitudes. Cognitive dissonance theory proposes that behavior shapes attitudes because we feel discomfort when our actions and attitudes differ. We reduce the discomfort by bringing our attitudes more into line with what we have done."
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When we make sense around the globe all around all of us, our intellects oftentimes cut corners, generalizing, keen edges, making cable connections as well as participating in inferences because they desegregate the many inward selective information right cohesive complete. So that as all of us be the better choice of an individual, most of us normally engage in the exact same training: once we meet up with another person initially, we all’ng probably created several judgments—generally without recognizing we've got done so—before your brand-new conversance provides perhaps stood a chance to speak 1 phrase. We look, and then we vulgarize determined by might know about understand along with whatever we’onal realized by way of beyond encounter. That’azines much easier when compared with being forced to begin impertinent each occasion.
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