What was the biggest contradiction in the Church of Rome?

I have an assignment due next week. Tell the biggest contradiction in the Church of Rome


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arwen 26-01-2013
arwen - University of Cambridge
"The biggest contradiction in the church of Rome was duality between the Latin and Teutonic. Source: http://in.docsity.com/en-video/From_the_ancient_Greece_to_the_emergence_of_Feudalism_-_Economic_Theory_-_Dr_Shivakumar_-_Online_Video_Lecture_7"
jaaam 13-02-2013
jaaam - Mody Institute of Information and Technology Sciences
"There is absolutely no bigger Hoaxes on the world as opposed to Roman Catholic Church! Wow generate an income really wish i could get individuals to wake on the accuracy. I can't fifty-fifty get in touch with the particular Roman print Catholic corporation some sort of ""community center""...it is a Religious beliefs involving artifical traditions and also is situated in the deuce. It really is Not only a Spiritual Unexampled Testomony cathedral. Let me clear up right from the particular start off which i will not hate anybody. "

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