Kindly elaborate the Adoption (Rejection) Process of Adoption Technique of Consumer Behavior?

"Hi Everyone! I wouldn't be bothering but this seems far above my caliber. How can someone define the role of Adoption's Adoption (Rejection) stage? "
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"Adoption (Rejection): Based on the trial stage, and the resultant experience, the consumer would decide to decision to use/reuse/patronize the offering. If the experience is satisfying, and the evaluation favorable, the innovative offering would be accepted, else it would be rejected. While this five staged procedure constitutes a general model of adoption of innovation, it has been criticized to be very general that lacks the complexities of real life buying and consumption. Researchers argue that: - The model does not indicate a need recognition stage or a problem solving scenario; critics argue that when faced with a problem, the prospect’s approach towards an innovative offering would be much different, than when he is not faced with one. - Evaluation takes place both before and during trial; in fact it takes place throughout the process. - Trial is no guarantee for future purchase or repurchase; although experience may be satisfactory, a consumer may never use the product/service offering again. - The model makes no mention of post purchase behavior; it does not speak of cognitive dissonance, neither does it speak of post purchase evaluation leading to a commitment to use/reuse/patronize the offering in future. Source:"
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