Elaborate the method of attitude influence-ment? Modifying or changing the criteria for evaluation.

Do you know about the details of the attitude influence-ment method of "Modifying or changing the criteria for evaluation"?
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"Modifying or changing the criteria for evaluation: The marketer could also identify criteria that modify or change the existing criteria for evaluation. This means that he focuses his efforts on to educating the consumers to use such attributes for evaluation, which he had not used earlier. As mentioned above, consumers’ summarize their opinions and overall attitudes based on the various product attributes and benefits. They give varying degrees of importance to the various attributes and criteria, and by modifying or changing the criteria for evaluation, the overall attitude towards the product and service offering would change. The marketer generally finds himself in a position to do this when he has modified his product and added product attributes and features. He promotes such attributes on which he has the “uniqueness”, or those on which he performs best. He would avoid talking about such attributes which he does not possess or on which he does not perform well. Source:"
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An excellent perspective is normally an expression including favor as well as disfavor on the subject of a person, region, point, or perhaps event (your situation goal). Noteworthy reduce Gordon Allport when discovered thought patterns "by far the most unique along with fundamental strategy all through modern day cultural psychology."
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