Kindly elaborate the short futures hedge while making an asset in the context of Security Management and Portfolio Management.

Hello everyone! My assignment is due next monday and I haven't got a clue how to solve it. The question is that what is the definition of short futures hedges in Security Analysis and Portfolio Management.
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"Brief Hedgerow Illustration In Drive, some sort of pale yellow farmer can be planning to vegetable lakh bushels associated with pale yellow, which will be completely ready regarding harvest by means of later(a) September in addition to distribution inwards September. The sodbuster understands through past many years that the entire cost of grape planting and growing the actual vegetation is around $ every bushel. During those times, Sept Grain futures usually are exchanging from $vi.80 for each mend, and also the whole wheat husbandman desires to help now you should that price tag. To make this happen, this individual penetrates a shorter hedge in through promoting approximately September Whole wheat futures. Together with each Whole wheat futures deal masking five thousand bushels, he can should offer 20 futures deals to hedge the jutting 100000 bushels product. Simply by middle of the-July, their wheat plant life are able for harvest. Nevertheless, the cost of wheat or grain possess given that gotten and also at a nearby elevator, the price offers lowered for you to $vi.20 for each doctor. Correspondingly, charges associated with Sept Grain futures have also gotten and they are right now exchanging from $vi.xxxiii every repair"
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"Within a small hedging, you actually deal a new futures deals to cover your lengthy post inside funds industry. If you are a dairy hustler merchandising take advantage of with a mozzarella dairy product vegetable you happen to be farseeing inwards Category III take advantage of. Utilize short hedgerow in order to lock away your nameless end result price Presented the above mentioned assumptions involving absolutely nothing groundwork, by entering the actual futures long term contract deal cost you can correctly secure this kind of monetary value for your funds solution. That has a limited hedge in a person promote A futures commitment which commits that you advertise sometime soon in the given selling price Once you are long inside the income current market (individual the product today) and also brief from the forward market Until you raise the hedge in, almost any obtain as well as decline in the income industry in accordance with the current price tag volition hopefully always be balanced out by the burning or perhaps grow in the actual futures markets At the end of the agreement whenever you advertise your current dairy within the dollars industry you may funds settee (e.G., buy back) the actual futures long term contract in the announced School III reconcile monetary value"
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"A short futures hedge is appropriate when you know you will sell an asset in the future & want to lock in the price -- Short Hedge Example: Suppose that F1 : Initial Futures Price F2 : Final Futures Price S2 : Final Asset Price You hedge the future sale of an asset by entering into a short futures contract Price Realized=S2+ (F1 – F2) = F1 + Basis. Source:"
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