Elaborate Continuous innovations as a classification technique?

Please provide the details of classification technique known as Continuous innovations?
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"Continuous innovations: - A continuous innovation is one that entails modification over an existing product; it is illustrative of little technological change, but requires no behavioral change on the part of the consumer for product usage, consumption and resultant experiences. - The technology used to manufacture the new product is not different from the one that produced the original or already existing product; and, the consumer does not have to adopt a new purchase, usage and consumption pattern to use it. - Example: all line extensions, or product variants (new form, size, flavor etc.); For example, various flavors of Amul Chocolate are line extensions of the original Amul Milk Chocolate. - Other examples: laser printers replacing earlier versions; a change from VCDs to DVDs was illustrative of better technology, better picture quality. Source:"
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Continual Enhancements was made to find ways to help advance and improve science and technology to boost total well being. Were presently headquartered within Layton, Utah, USA. We are near Slope Airforce Platform, Wb Point out University or college campuses, Freeport Heart commercial playground, Layton's Western side Hillfield Route industrial ballpark, Ogden Town and the Ogden Commercial Park. Sodium river Area is also inside of stove for a few activities. Your supreme aim is always to grow our own concepts. Were besides available to focusing on other people's in addition to organizations' concepts, given that you can uncover a partnership that allows you to help keep our very own concepts in addition to our clients' concepts outside of each other in order to avoid almost any potential rational property or home situations. Your basal backdrop is within bodily sciences as well as engineering. We have now experience with embedded applications; to put it differently, continuing development of particular goal electric circuits that always contain microprocessors or even microcontrollers (microprocessors that may purpose automatically making use of their own computer memory on a single processor) is actually we all additionally acquire your programing. This selection is often known as “set application” or perhaps “firmware”. We have now likewise intentional actual/mechanically skillful areas built as well as these kinds of build.
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