Elaborate details of the target audience of a Message Strategy Method?

I wouldn't be bothering but this seems far above my caliber. The question is that what is the target audience of a Message Strategy?
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"The target audience: Feedback is the receiver’s response to the sender, i.e. the consumer’s response to the marketer’s message. It is the acid test to determine whether the communication has been effective or not, as it is through this feedback, that the marketer gets to know whether the message has been correctly interpreted by the consumer. It helps the marketer to add/delete/modify his message so that the message is better understood. Marketers encourage feedback by including teaser elements in their ads, or by providing incomplete messages requiring closure, etc. Feedback is crucial in both interpersonal and impersonal communication. It is easier to read customer reaction and obtain feedback in interpersonal communication, than it is in impersonal communication. Market researchers try to infer customer reactions to impersonal communication by their action/inaction (whether they purchase or do not purchase). Source:"
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Throughout advertising, A potential audience, or goal team would be the key population group that something, commonly a marketing plan, can be directed at appealing to. Any audience can be people of any a number of get older, gender, matrimonial reputation, and many others. ...
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