Elaborate details of the following characteristic of an innovator. Innovators are not “generic”.

Hi all, need help!!!!!! Do you know about the Innovators are not “generic” characteristics of innovators?
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"a) Innovators are not “generic”; they are “specific” to a product and service type. Consumers who are innovators of one product are more likely to be innovators of other new product/service offerings in the same general product category. Hence, they possess interest in the product category; those who innovate within a specific product category will innovate again within the same product category. Innovators are desirous of new products/services in a particular category, and so they seek formal information from marketers, and informal information from their peers/friends/colleagues. Because of their interest in the product/service category, their search for information is active and ongoing, followed by deliberation, evaluation and assimilation of information. Source:"
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Characteristic of or relating to a class or group of things; not specific
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