"Please briefly elaborate the How to say it logically (message structure) and symbolically (message format) ?"

"I would be very grateful if someone could help me with the definition of the How to say it logically (message structure) and symbolically (message format)?"
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"How to say it logically (message structure) and symbolically (message format): the message strategy relates to the content and the form of communication. It must be designed keeping in mind the target segment(s), as the ultimate objective lies in creating an message and delivering it in a manner that elicits an action on the part of the consumer; the action being purchase of the product/service offering. The communication content refers to the information that the marketer wants to convey to the target segment(s). The information content that the marketer would want to convey would be based on the objective of communication, i.e, cognitive, affective or behavioral. The various objectives would be met through different content delivered through different channels or media. In other words, a marketer could have many communications objectives, each of which would require a different message to be delivered through a different channels(s). Source:"
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The actual logical meaning approach is the term for people emails, where we arranged the objective or even retention from the mind in the content target.
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