Elaborate Management Information System (MIS) in Information Systems?

Please explain the Information System known as "Management Information System (MIS)"?
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" Management Information System (MIS) : These systems access, organize, summarize and display information for supporting routine decision making in the functional areas. A MIS provides reports about topics like operational efficiency, effectiveness and productivity. It prepares these reports by extracting information from the corporate database and processing it according to the needs of the user. MISs’ are used for monitoring, planning and control. They also enable managers to detect possible problems in their early stages.Source:"
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"A direction data system (MIS) delivers info that's necessary to handle corporations efficiently and effectively.[one] Operations details programs are not only seen computer systems - these systems embrace iii major factors: technology, citizenry (people, communities, or companies), in addition to info/data pertaining to making decisions. Supervision selective information techniques are generally distinct coming from other information devices because there're made to be used to review and aid ideal and functional routines in the corporation.[a couple of] Academically, the word is commonly helpful to reference the research into how men and women, teams, along with businesses review, pattern, put into action, deal with, and also implement systems to build data to enhance efficiency in addition to efficiency connected with making decisions, which include devices called conclusion assistance systems, specialist devices, in addition to exec details devices.[only two]. Nearly all company schools (or maybe schools of company administration in educational facilities) produce an MIS division, alongside business units regarding data processing, financial, operations, advertising, and sometimes other people, as well as give certifications (with undergrad, experts, and PhD levels) within MIS. "
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