Can you kindly elaborate the objective method used for the measurement of Opinion Leadership?

Hi! Please help me I am stuck with this. Provide details of the Opinion Leadership Method of objective.
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"The objective method: The objective method is based on simulation. It identifies and measures Opinion Leadership by placing people in controlled environments (just as controlled experiments). People are chosen, given information about new products and service categories, and the asked to act out as Opinion Leaders. The resulting “web” and “patterns” of informal interpersonal communication regarding the relevant product or service category are traced and analyzed. The technique thus measures the results of their efforts and assesses how successful their impact is on consumption behavior. Advantages: It measures people’s abilities to provide news and advice and influence purchase decisions in controlled environments. Disadvantages: It is time consuming as it requires setting up of experimental designs. It is a complex process and requires subject experts and trained psychologists. Source:"
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Opinion authority is actually control simply by an active mass media drug user in addition to which translates this is of press mail messages as well as contented pertaining to cheaper-stop advertising customers. An judgment chief is definitely held in higher worth simply by those that accept his / her views. Opinion command arises from the idea involving ii-measure flowing of communication propounded by means of Paul Lazarsfeld and Elihu Katz.
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