Elaborate the pattern of the Selective specialization or Multi-segment of target market selection?

Do you have the details of the Target market selection segment of Single-segment concentration?
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"Selective specialization or Multi-segment: - The marketer caters to a two or a few segments with different marketing mixes. - It offers varied product and service offerings with distinct marketing mixes to the various segments. Example: Maruti, Soaps and detergents from Procter and Gamble, Tata Group of Hotels. Source:"
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"From a in high spirits-level, the purpose of a marketing scheme is always to discover the target market as well as produce a promoting mixture that could entice those customers. Selections with regards to the idealistic marketing blend can be sorted in terms of Price, Campaign, Merchandise, and Price. Nevertheless, the objective isn't to only think of a certain strategy, but alternatively to spotlight supplying importance for a essential grocery store portions. "
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